What to expect during delivery?

During your delivery there is nothing you have to worry about. Our team will be there anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the delivery. Please make sure you make time to be there during those hours. Our Delivery associate will let you know an approximate time of completion.

Please make sure if there are any kids they stay away from our delivery associates. We want to ensure your safety and the safety of your love ones. Because at times big pieces of furniture have to be maneuver our delivery associates need space to work.

At Caravana Furniture we try to include as much information as possible so our clients make the best decision while buying their furniture. The client is responsible in making sure the furniture will fit in the desired space. If furniture does not fit in the desired space,  it is not the responsibility of Caravana Furniture to take this product back. At this point if client must return furniture, there will be a restocking fee of 30% not including the delivery.  If in any circumstances the space is very narrow and the piece of furniture will not fit through a door or hallway the client will have to sign a waver to lift any liability on the damage of the furniture while trying to bring it into the house.


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