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Our Mission
Caravana Furniture is a family owned business dedicated in providing the best services to its consumers. Our customers always come first and we will always make sure they are happy with their purchases. We have taken the extra time to ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. You will receive emails or calls from us from the time you place an order to know a person processing your order and not a computer. You can always give us a call to talk to one of our representatives at 562-432-0562 or email us at sales@caravanafurniture.com. Remember we are here to help you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and visiting our website.

Caravana Furniture was founded back in 2005 it began doing business as a small discount store selling everything from houseware items to furniture, all out of a 1000 sq ft. location. In 2008, Caravana Furniture owners decided they will concentrate in exclusively selling furniture, at that time not many people where looking to buy  furniture because of the downturn in the economy but having a small showroom with low overhead helped the owners maintain the doors open while they weather the economic storm.

In 2013 Caravanafurniture.com was launched with much success and a bigger reach of customers in Long Beach and near by cities. Soon it became apparent clients were looking to touch and feel the items, it took a few more years but in 2016 an opportunity opened up to where Caravana Furniture was able to relocate to a bigger showroom just around the corner from its original location. This time with 6000 Sq. ft of showroom space, there were 6 times as much items to be shown. Also a big advantage Caravana Furniture was lacking before was the visibility, where as now on Long Beach Blvd. its hard to miss it. Now people can see the everchanging beautiful windows displays, which they not only attract people to come inside the showroom but also gives onlookers inspiration for their own homes.

Today Caravana Furniture has added more brands to their showroom where people can also find furniture at every price point with very competitive prices. We have also added a custom line of upholster products, so your imagination can be turn into a reality. We continue updating our website and the showroom floor to bring clients the latest trends at affordable prices.