Belmont Shore – Coastal Living in Style

Belmont Shore, a small and thriving beachside community, is one of the many diverse collections of neighborhoods in Long Beach, CA, that embodies coastal living. It’s known for its business district, 2nd Street, which consists of more than 250 businesses–mostly shops and restaurants. All just blocks from the beach. Walking up and down 2nd Street is easy to see the different styles of decor and architecture along with the wide variety of people. But it’s its close proximity to the beach that gives the area its relaxed coastal living vibe and ease.

2nd Street: Shops and Restaurants

Local Business Spotlight: La Strada

One of the local mainstays of 2nd Street is Italian restaurant La Strada, owned by local resident and business owner Lisa Ramelow. Lisa has been in business for more than 22 1/2 years and chose the location for La Strada because she was a long time resident of the neighborhood. When asked about her inspiration for her business decor, Lisa replied, “I wanted people to feel at home in my restaurant. I wanted them to feel like it is a ‘neighborhood’ place where they didn’t have to be too fancy and could just show up and be welcomed.” They wanted La Strada to have a more “traditional Italian look” that consisted of red and white tablecloths like those typically found in traditional restaurants. When describing the atmosphere of her restaurant, Lisa added, “In my restaurant, I wanted very comfortable chairs so that people could relax.”

Lisa takes great inspiration from the sayings written on her restaurant’s walls, “there’s no use crying over spilled Chianti” and “spaghetti sauce is thicker than water”, sayings that play on popular sayings but are made to unique to La Strada. Another one of Lisa’s favorites is a table in the very back on the right. This table is her favorite because it possesses a vantage point of the whole place, “can see everything that is going on in the entire restaurant, as well as the people going by out front. It feels like home.”


For more info on La Strada in Belmont Shore click here
4716 E. 2nd Street

Neighborhood: Home & Style

If you walk the surrounding neighborhoods you can take note of the cozy and quaint houses with their easy beach home vibe and feel. Many of the homes feature a front yard instead of a back yard where patio furniture and outdoor fireplaces are set up to enjoy the great beach weather. The overall design influence of most of the houses in the area seems to be rooted in Spanish style, also known as Spanish Revival, which was popular in the USA in the 1920s and 1930s when many of the homes were built.

Characteristics of Spanish Revival style
  • clay-tile roof
  • exposed beams
  • wrought-iron details
  • repeated archways around an entryway
  • enclosed courtyard

Although many of the homes feature the Spanish style there are those that have been remodeled for an updated more contemporary look and the close proximity to the ocean has mixed in a coastal beach cottage influence to some of the homes. It has truly made for it’s own design that is unique to Belmont Shore.

One thing is clear regarding the homes and style of the Shore, it’s that it carries with it a casual relaxed feeling of being stylish without sacrificing comfort. Afterall who wouldn’t want to get home and sink into a comfortable sofa to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and have furniture to match.

Coastal Living Furniture Style

Walking through the Belmont Shore neighborhoods, it’s clear to see that people here value comfort and style that isn’t trying too hard. There is a sense of ease and serenity that is felt throughout the homes, indoors and outdoors. The furniture conveys that sense of casual but stylish. Pieces that are comfortable and stylish but embrace the ease of coastal living while also still embracing the Spanish style influences.


Long Beach Coastal Living Furniture

a. tufted sofa & loveseat in oatmeal linen blend
b. white finish 5 pc bedroom set
c. chalk-tone upholstered sectional
d. driftwood finish 7 piece dining set
e. clear glass table lamp
f. antique mercury speckle table lamp
g. dirty oak finish wood futon frame
h. antique white finish accent cabinet