Cozy & Comfortable: Create a Sanctuary Space Made Just for You 

Cozy & Comfortable: Create a Sanctuary Space Made Just for You 

Our lives are chaotic; we are always in a rush, desperate to finish the next thing on our to-do lists. As a consequence, we often forget to savor the flavor of our lives. Perhaps you are having trouble unwinding, or are unsure where to start. Your home should act as your sanctuary, and as a place to thwart everything mentioned above. Creating a small intimate space in the corner of your home where you can relax and get some “me time” can lead you to the right path in feeling mindful and refreshed. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own sanctuary space: 

  • Find or make space: This can be as small as a corner. If you don’t have one, create one! Make room for the new, and get rid of the old; take this as an opportunity to clear out any unwanted clutter or material. 
  • Style: The style possibilities are endless and should be based on your personal preference. Your space can be minimalistic, or the complete opposite. It can be everything from hygge (a  Danish trend focused on comfort and feeling good), to art deco! Need inspiration? Read our previous post, and check out the photos below. 
  • Furniture: The essentials you’ll need include a bench, an accent chair, and a side or end table. If you have a larger area, add an ottoman for added comfort and style! If you are looking for extra storage, or are a bookworm, don’t hesitate to include a cabinet or bookcase. However, this all depends on the size of your space. Perhaps you can only fit an accent chair and a small end table; that’s completely fine. There are no set rules, this is your space after all! 
  • Finishing touches: Now that you have your space, style, and furniture, all you need is  some decor! Add some throw pillows or a blanket to bring soft textures to your sanctuary space. Some other decor you can include are mirrors, artwork, plants, lighting, and trinkets (like vases or figurines). Remember, add what you think will make you feel good. If you don’t want your space to be too cluttered, add only a few of these elements, or nothing at all! 

With a little time and creativity, creating a sanctuary space is relatively simple. Maybe you’ve been wanting to give your home a makeover, but don’t have the resources. Creating your sanctuary space is a step towards revitalizing your home, and neutralizing the chaotic energy in your life. Have fun with it, and enjoy the process. For more inspiration and furniture needs for your sanctuary space, make sure to check out Caravana Furniture’s ever-changing catalog


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